Webinar: Data Centres that don’t cost the earth

On 16th of June, Sophia Flucker will be moderating the Iceotope Technologies liquid cooling webinar, ‘Data Centres that don’t cost the earth’ in association with Cundall and Kao Data. This webinar will discuss how mission critical IT components can be precision cooled to increase efficiency and sustainability, including:

  • Current solutions for cooling servers and other devices at scale
  • Engineering factors and environmental considerations driving a need to disrupt the current data centre cooling status quo
  • Optimal solutions for cooling state-of-the-art CPUs and GPUs
  • Performance and operational characteristics of liquid cooling systems that scale

This webinar will take place on 16th of June at 2pm. Read more and register below:

DCD Energy Summit – Watch on demand

Robert Tozer participated on a panel about sustainability in Data Centres: ‘Hacia un Futuro Net-Zero: ¿Qué es tener un Data Center realmente sustentable?¿Hasta qué punto está el medio ambiente en la ecuación de los Data Centers?’, on 18th of March.




iMasons IM100 Awards 2020

Sophia Flucker has won the Infrastructure Masons IM100 Award which recognises industry leaders for their contributions to the digital infrastructure sector!

The iMasons Awards recognise those who share commitments to:

  • Increase industry awareness
  • Enhance education opportunities
  • Champion diversity & inclusion
  • Inspire sustainability
  • Promote innovation and technical excellence

Congratulations Sophia!

OI’s online course:

‘An Introduction to Data Centre Risk’ CIBSE CPD accredited, offers the only online course dedicated to assessing and analysing risk in the data centre.

Reducing risk in the data center

Dr Beth Whitehead, DCD July 2018 –
The more complex the system, the more vulnerable the ‘human element’ becomes



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Join OI at DC World at London ExCeL

Join OI at DC World at London ExCeL on 12th-13th March. Robert will be speaking about Tackling the Data Centre Skills Gap in the DCW Keynote Featuring the Edge & Future Strategies theatre on Day 2 at 11:45am and participating in a panel at 11am, Sophia will be co-presenting a session with BRE on the Data Centre Sustainability Gap on Day 2 at 3:10pm. Read Robert’s interview here.


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