Sophia Flucker Interview

Sophia was interviewed before participating on the DCD Debate ‘Do we have the right metrics on efficiency and sustainability?’ at the event DCD Connect Madrid on 25th of May.

Click below to read the full interview, published in DCD España.


Datacloud Global Congress 2022

Monaco 25-27 April,

Sophia Flucker will participate on the panel ‘Future proofing data centres: Is the industry ready for changes in regulation?’ which will take place at 11am CET on April 27th at the Datacloud Global Congress 2022 at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

On this panel, a group of  leaders from across the industry will discuss different points of view on how the industry will be affected by regulations, what are the potential implications and what organisations can do to future proof   the businesses in the industry.

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10 years of OI!

OI is celebrating 10 years of optimising data centre reliability and energy performance!  We have worked with over 40 clients on over 100 projects across five continents and authored over 50 publications.

Thank you for your continuous support!

GreenSCIES wins Lightfoot medal!

The paper “GreenSCIES – Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems – Integration with Data Centres”, co-authored by Catarina Marques, Robert Tozer, Akos Revesz, Chris Dunham, Phil Jones, Rodrigo Matabuena, Carole Bond, Henrique Lagoeiro, Matt Wegner, Gareth Davies, and Graeme Maidment from LSBU, has been awarded the prestigious Kenneth Lightfoot medal of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR).

The GreenSCIES project aims to deliver low carbon, affordable energy through a novel smart energy system that connects flexible electricity demands to intermittent renewable energy sources. The results of the study show the feasibility of a 5th generation district mobility, power and heat network in the London Borough of Islington.


DCD Broadcast

The next generation of engineers are critical to take the data centre industry on to new heights, delivering on crucial agendas including sustainability and diversity.

Sophia Flucker along with other winners and finalists of the DCD>Awards Young Mission Critical Engineer participated on the Data Center Dynamics panel ‘Where next for the data center workforce? We ask the next generation’ the past 8th of March and it is now available to watch on demand.

In this panel they shared their journeys, experienced challenges and their aspirations and hopes for the future of the data centre sector.


iMasons IM100 Awards 2020

Sophia Flucker has won the Infrastructure Masons IM100 Award which recognises industry leaders for their contributions to the digital infrastructure sector!

The iMasons Awards recognise those who share commitments to:

  • Increase industry awareness
  • Enhance education opportunities
  • Champion diversity & inclusion
  • Inspire sustainability
  • Promote innovation and technical excellence

Congratulations Sophia!

OI’s online course:

‘An Introduction to Data Centre Risk’ CIBSE CPD accredited, offers the only online course dedicated to assessing and analysing risk in the data centre.

Reducing risk in the data center

Dr Beth Whitehead, DCD July 2018 –
The more complex the system, the more vulnerable the ‘human element’ becomes



Playing the long game

R.Tozer, S.Flucker, B.Whitehead, CIBSE Journal April 2018 – A life-cycle approach is required to improve data centre sustainability



Energy and Risk Reduction Programme