Upcoming events

Data Centre LIVE Virtual

Sophia Flucker participated in a panel at the virtual conference Data Centre LIVE Virtual: Disrupting Data, Cloud & 5G, which will take place on 17th of May.

Her session can now be watched here.

DCD > Connect | Madrid

Robert attended DCD > Connect | Madrid on the 23rd and 24th of May at Eurostars Madrid Tower.

He participated in the panel When will immersion cooling go from niche to scale? 

​Immersion cooling is offering the highest efficiency, but can it address those challenges for all kinds of Data Centers?​ ​Is the Data Center market ready to get in on the action? What are the modifications required? Is maintenance more difficult than air? What is the supporting infrastructure needed?

He also presented Data centres: the road to net zero, which explored the journey the industry is on to reduce its environmental impact.

He also talked about DCD>Academy course Cooling Professional – Refrigeración de Data Centers.

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Digital Infra Xchange, London

Sophia will participate in the panel Climate Neutral Design And Construction at Digital Infra Xchange on the 15th of June at America Square, London. The panel, which will take place at 14:35am, will discuss the possibility of building truly carbon-zero digital infrastructure and how can operators combat embodied carbon in the construction phase and become truly climate neutral.

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