iMasons IM100 Awards 2020

Sophia Flucker has won the Infrastructure Masons IM100 Award which recognises industry leaders for their contributions to the digital infrastructure sector!

The iMasons Awards recognise those who share commitments to:

  • Increase industry awareness
  • Enhance education opportunities
  • Champion diversity & inclusion
  • Inspire sustainability
  • Promote innovation and technical excellence

Congratulations Sophia!

Sustainable Places 2020 – Watch on demand

Beth Whitehead’s and Sophia Flucker’s presentations at Sustainable Places 2020 with the SDIA are available to watch on demand.

Beth Whitehead’s presentation “Curving the Line – Circularity in the Data Centre” explored the need to move to a circular model of consumption in order to deal with the large volumes of eWaste generated by the industry and introduced the CEDaCI project – a Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry.

Sophia Flucker’s presentation “Total data centre environmental impact” gave an overview of the current landscape and discuss how data centres can become more sustainable beyond energy efficiency.