Sophia Flucker Interview

Sophia was interviewed before participating on the DCD Debate ‘Do we have the right metrics on efficiency and sustainability?’ at the event DCD Connect Madrid on 25th of May.

Click below to read the full interview, published in DCD España.


OI’s online course:

‘An Introduction to Data Centre Risk’ CIBSE CPD accredited, offers the only online course dedicated to assessing and analysing risk in the data centre.

Playing the long game

R.Tozer, S.Flucker, B.Whitehead, CIBSE Journal April 2018 – A life-cycle approach is required to improve data centre sustainability



Free cooling in the UK

Exploiting free cooling in the UK through application of research and development


To evaluate the feasibility of retrofitting free cooling to a high resilience legacy design.


Evaluating meteorological data, a model was created to review different design options. Once the most favourable option was decided upon, OI continued their involvement through the installation and handover phases.

Result – £1 million/year saving

Significant operating cost savings, around £1 million per year, an exceptional result for a legacy data centre.