Data Centre World Awards 2021 – Shortlist Winners

Data Centre World published the shortlist winners in a virtual event last 24th of March. The winners will receive their trophy award on 7-8 July 2021.

Data Centre World Awards, where Sophia is part of the judging panel, recognise the best in the industry across the following 8 categories:

• Innovation Product of the Year
• Special Contribution to Improving Energy Efficiency
• Most Successfully Delivered Data Centre
• Green Data Centre of the Year
• Best Data Centre Operator
• Environmental Product of the Year
• Special Contribution to Improving Resilience through Innovation
• Best Talent Developer

Congratulations to the finalists!

DCD Energy Summit – Watch on demand

Robert Tozer participated on a panel about sustainability in Data Centres: ‘Hacia un Futuro Net-Zero: ¿Qué es tener un Data Center realmente sustentable?¿Hasta qué punto está el medio ambiente en la ecuación de los Data Centers?’, on 18th of March.




An Introduction to Data Centre Risk online course

Operational Intelligence offers the only online course dedicated to assessing and analysing risk in the data centre.



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Reducing risk in the data center

Dr Beth Whitehead, DCD July 2018 –
The more complex the system, the more vulnerable the ‘human element’ becomes



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