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Danish Data Center Industry webinar

Robert Tozer presented at the Danish Data Center Industry webinar – Project brownfield: How do you upgrade and retrofit your legacy infrastructure for optimal energy efficiency.   Watch webinar  

Playing the long game

R.Tozer, S.Flucker, B.Whitehead, CIBSE Journal April 2018 – A life-cycle approach is required to improve data centre sustainability     Read more  

Join OI at DC World at London ExCeL

Join OI at DC World at London ExCeL on 12th-13th March. Robert will be speaking about Tackling the Data Centre Skills Gap in the DCW Keynote Featuring the Edge & Future Strategies theatre on Day 2 at 11:45am and participating in a panel at 11am, Sophia will be co-presenting a session with BRE on the […]

Integrated Systems Testing with an operator, client-focused approach

Brief To demonstrate that the designed levels of infrastructure resilience and redundancy were achieved in practice, and provide a platform for knowledge transfer to ensure on-site teams are prepared in the event of failure. Approach: Guided by the understanding that human error is the main risk of downtime, Operational Intelligence engaged with all relevant parties […]

Basis of Design – Defining and outlining an optimal specification for the client

Brief To work alongside clients to advise and outline their defined needs for new builds in various locations around South America. Approach: We collaboratively engaged with key stakeholders, and analysed various design options and their long-term outcomes, including total cost of ownership. We analysed the feasibility of new technologies, and gave the client control to […]

Exploiting free cooling in the UK through application of research and development

Brief To evaluate the feasibility of retrofitting free cooling to a high resilience legacy design. Approach: Evaluating meteorological data, a model was created to review different design options. Once the most favourable option was decided upon, OI continued their involvement through the installation and handover phases. Result – £1 million/year saving Significant operating cost savings, around […]

Maximising Free Cooling Opportunities

Brief To inform on and implement the most appropriate free cooling system, and provide knowledge transfer of key theories and psychrometric tools for a 20,000m2, 30MW build.   Approach: Based on detailed calculations using meteorological data, we evaluated direct and indirect airside free cooling designs for the new build, and provided recommendations to help the […]