Programa de Reducción de Riesgo y Energía – Caso 2

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Phase 1

  • Further air management –improved grille placement, blanking plates, and sealing of gaps in cabinets and floors
  • Increased CRAC set points and free cooling
  • Retrofitting of VFDs (to enable reduced fan speeds
  • Reduced fresh air volume of AHU (previously over-supplied)
  • Lighting controls (previously lights were permanently on)

Phase 2

  • Semi-containment (25% of the facility)
  • Further increase of CRAC set points
  • Reconfiguring of CRAC fan speeds in UPS room and data halls

Phase 3

  • Semi-containment (remaining spaces)
  • Further increase of set point
  • Study of supply control and subsequent upgrade of control cards
  • Removal of unrequired under floor cabling
  • Solar gain window film
  • Study of pump controls
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