Risk/Energy Optimisation Programme

Operational Learning

By adopting best practice in air management, energy savings are realised and premature hardware failures are reduced. Our operational learning programme is a long-term commitment designed to:

  • Significantly reduce risk
  • Optimise energy performance
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Provide cost effective, energy efficient, high reliability solutions
  • Provide forward thinking strategy
  • Address human factors
  • Improve stakeholder knowledge transfer and teamwork
  • Provide active engagement across all disciplines
  • Maximise free cooling opportunities
  • Provide innovative tools to measure and manage air performance
  • Improve staff retention


"The programme delivered significant financial savings and promoted greater team integration and communication"

- Eoin Doherty, Critical Facilities Manager

This course is accredited by CIBSE and can contribute towards your CPD requirements. More here >

Our risk & energy optimisation programme has enabled an average energy reduction of 12% with an ROI of 8 months.



    Effective learning reduces the risk of failures. There are two aspects to this: the first relates to how well the organisation creates a learning environment of shared experiences while the second relates to raising the awareness of the individual to the specific risks associated with their role. By undertaking our active site based programme and engaging with all stakeholders we can effectively reduce risk by improving both of these areas.