Introduction to Risk (Online)




An Introduction to Data Centre Risk
Analyse, Reflect, Solve.

Online data centre training designed to offer real time solutions to real time problems.


Course Overview

Operational Intelligence offer the only online course dedicated to assessing and analysing risk in the data centre.

Our team have a wealth of experience related to assessing and solving problems relating to risk in the data centre and this hands-on experience has been used in the creation of the Introduction to Data Centre Risk online course. Students not only benefit from our extensive knowledge in this area, but also from the fact that the course is specifically designed to enable students to use the knowledge imparted to reduce risk in their own environment.


Why Choose an Operational Intelligence Online Course?

Operational Intelligence courses are designed and delivered by professionals with experience of both data centre operations and education. This gives us the ability to fully understand not only the subject matter but also the most effective way to transfer that knowledge to students.

Our background includes decades of designing, operating and analysing data centres; this knowledge has been used to educate hundreds of data centre professionals via our highly respected bespoke in-house training courses. Answering an increasing demand for flexible learning, we have built on this experience to ensure our online courses are of the same high standard and value as our in-house option.


Course Objectives

  • Assess the causes of data centre failures (Infrastructure and Operations)
  • Assess how different variables impact on theoretical concepts
  • Analyse the human element associated with risk
  • Recognise types of system topologies
  • State the relationship between design complexity and desired training
  • Analyse the business context of risk


Who will benefit from our online courses?

Continuous training and professional development are essential in our industry. However, we fully understand that as busy professionals, our students have limited time available for training. OI have created their online courses for anyone involved in the data centre industry to maximise learning whilst minimising time commitment. OI can offer this because of the unique ability of our team to both teach and ‘do’.





"A good all round CPD which I am happy to recommend that includes case studies, scenarios, discussion and a test.”

- CIBSE CPD Accreditation Panel

This course is accredited by CIBSE and can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirements.