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Service Overview

An innovative, learning spirit is deeply ingrained in our culture and core values as illustrated by the publications, awards and qualifications held by our team. We work side-by-side with our clients in challenging the status quo and exploring next generation concepts, ideas and technologies.

CEDaCI Project

Beth is involved in researching the environmental impact of data centres and as part of an international cross-industry team has been awarded EU Interreg funding to address the growth in e-waste arising from data centres. The project, called CEDaCI, will build a Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry to increase reclamation and reuse of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) in the sector, extend product life through equipment reuse and remanufacture, reduce use of virgin materials, waste and environmental impact arising from the growth in redundant equipment and develop a secure and economically viable CRM supply chain for the sector. At present only 10% of CRM from the sector are recycled and recovered but the targets are to increase this to 19% and 24% five and 10 years after the project ends; increase reuse of equipment to 65% and 75% respectively and end-of-life overall product ‘waste’ from 35% and 25%.

For more information, please visit the CEDaCI website.

Other Projects

Other projects include:

  • Development of the EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) Criteria for Data Centres
  • Development of BSI 50600-99-2: Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Part 99-2 – Recommended practices for environmental sustainability
  • Development of the Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres
  • Air management optimisation
  • Concepts of log mean enthalpy difference for adiabatic cooling processes
  • Total approach concept
  • Energy saving strategies
  • Failure rate learning curves applied to data centre in the context of organisations and individuals
  • Design complexity and failure rates
  • Life cycle assessments applied to data centres
    - Part 1: Sustainability
    - Part 2: Cradle to grave
    - Part 3: Energy Mix

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