Case Studies

Energy and Risk Reduction Programme. Case study 5




Chile facility (Chilled water with cooling towers).
First of 3 single client hosted facilities in Chile (Cuidad de los Valles, Santiago)

Recommended changes

    Improve air management throughout the facility:
  • Take temperature readings for IT and cooling equipment
  • Establish levels of bypass, recirculation, negative pressure and air availability
  • Install air management best practices – blanking plates, grille replacement to improve air flow, rotate backward facing equipment, cold aisle containment and sealing of cable holes.

  • Improve PUE:
  • VFD fan installation
  • Optimise humidity control
  • Descaling of cooling plant
  • Lighting automation
  • Change set points of generator heaters

    Improve teamwork – better communication between teams and improved excellence, quality and compliance.