About OI

Operational Intelligence offers services to reduce data centre risk, energy and cost. We are data centre specialists who combine top-down and bottom-up approaches, working with the management team to identify issues and alongside the onsite team to implement changes.


What makes us different?


Long-term excellence delivered
Whether it’s an enterprise or colocation data centre our success is based on delivering an optimised facility. Working together with onsite teams provides the perfect opportunity for knowledge transfer and thus to ensure long-term value. We encourage all to understand, apply, analyse and evaluate key theoretical elements and their practical implications to enable informed optimization

Finding a better way

Operational Intelligence was founded on the belief that what is offered in traditional consultancy and training is not enough to achieve continual operational excellence. Thus, having developed an innovative methodology, involving holistic analysis, the combination of theory and practical application and a collaborative approach, we set out to find a better way of improving data centre performance.
Today, this philosophy is more relevant than ever. As resources become increasingly sparse and energy demand continues to intensify, businesses are under pressure to deliver higher performance facilities with fewer resources in a highly competitive environment.

A blend of consultancy and learning for a unique impact

The benefits of traditional consultancy diminish over time. They do not follow through to fully implement the recommendations. We do. The benefits of traditional training do not translate to on-site, practical improvements. Ours does.
We take a human-centric approach working side by side from diagnosis to implementation to find ways of achieving goals and producing sustainable improvements.