Data Centre World Awards 2021 – Shortlist Winners

Data Centre World published the shortlist winners in a virtual event last 24th of March. The winners will receive their trophy award on 7-8 July 2021.

Data Centre World Awards, where Sophia is part of the judging panel, recognise the best in the industry across the following 8 categories:

• Innovation Product of the Year
• Special Contribution to Improving Energy Efficiency
• Most Successfully Delivered Data Centre
• Green Data Centre of the Year
• Best Data Centre Operator
• Environmental Product of the Year
• Special Contribution to Improving Resilience through Innovation
• Best Talent Developer

Congratulations to the finalists!

DCD Energy Summit – Watch on demand

Robert Tozer participated on a panel about sustainability in Data Centres: ‘Hacia un Futuro Net-Zero: ¿Qué es tener un Data Center realmente sustentable?¿Hasta qué punto está el medio ambiente en la ecuación de los Data Centers?’, on 18th of March.