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The true cost of energy is not being charged

Our carbon debt is accruing interest. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that the atmosphere can take another 1000 Giga tons of CO2 before we reach our target of 2C of global warming. If our current rate if emissions remains static, this threshold will be reached in 30 years and no further CO2 emissions can be released. We are releasing emissions at an unsustainable rate; there is some debate over whether.. Read More

PUE move over for the LCA. Part 1: Environmental Impact of Data Centres

At Operational Intelligence we believe the data centre industry is starting to recognise that its focus must go beyond energy consumption. Single-issue metrics such as PUE only consider the operational phase, omitting impacts from other issues and during other stages a facilities lifetime. No single-metric has the capacity to capture fully the interlinked nature of the data centre system. Using single metrics is dangerous as improvement in one area can adversely affect a.. Read More

Meeting Climate Change Targets in the UK

Dr Beth Whitehead, Sustainability Engineer at OI, describes how facilities can work towards reducing their non-IT energy consumption by 30%. Four years ago, the process began to establish a climate change agreement (CCA) for data centres. The agreement, which enables continued sector growth, provides a reduction in CCL (climate change levy) taxes and exemption from the CRC (climate reduction commitment) in return for efficient energy consumption. Achievement of this milestone is recognition that.. Read More