OI and Entel Chile are pleased to announce that we are the 2015 recipients of the CIBSE Building Performance Training Programme Award.


The CIBSE Building Performance Awards recognise the people, products and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment. The award is in recognition of our collaboration with Entel Chile to identify ways to reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and reduce total cost of ownership. In 2013/14 telecommunications company, Entel Chile, undertook a data centre risk and energy reduction programme to identify improvements to reduce energy consumption, improve reliability and reduce total cost of ownership. The programme consisted of a series of collaborative workshops, facilitated by Operational Intelligence, which allowed Entel Chile to optimise energy use. Participants of the programme were varied and included operations personnel, the project team, IT stakeholders, contract administrators and vendors. By combining the various knowledge and skill sets, participants left the programme with knowledge and ability that would prove useful long after the programme ended. As a result of the holistic workshops, Entel Chile gained a greater understanding of their specific reliability, resilience and confidence challenges. This ultimately enabled them to make improvements at existing centres which not only improved efficiency but resulted in savings.

Operational Intelligence are particularly proud of this award because it celebrates Entel Chile’s vision and reinforces our commitment to addressing efficiency through active learning and the development of practical, site specific skills.

“This award endorses our belief that collaborative training is the key to fully identifying and addressing energy efficiency and risk management.” – Robert Tozer


Highlights of the programme included:

  • Workshop activities around air management to reduce hot spots and energy wastage
  • Participants developing site specific solutions
  • Participant presentation to management of efficiency action plan

For the official site case study: