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Air-side free-cooling: direct or indirect systems?

Often when data centre free cooling is discussed, people assume this means direct fresh air cooling. People intuitively assume that direct cooling ismore efficient because there are less components. It’s as simple as opening a window! However, in many cases this is absolutely incorrect. Indirect systems have unappreciated advantages.

Human Errors in Data Centres

Intrigued by human error in data centres I came across David Smith’s book on Reliability Maintainability and Risk where he describes TESEO (empirical technique to estimate operator failure) by G.C.Bellow and V.Colombari. The principle is that the probability of failure is the product of each of the factors within the following five groups. 1) Activity Difficulty 2) Time Stress 3) Operator Experience 4) Task Related Anxiety 5) Ergonomic Design In this table I.. Read More