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PUE move over for the LCA. Part 1: Environmental Impact of Data Centres

At Operational Intelligence we believe the data centre industry is starting to recognise that its focus must go beyond energy consumption. Single-issue metrics such as PUE only consider the operational phase, omitting impacts from other issues and during other stages a facilities lifetime. No single-metric has the capacity to capture fully the interlinked nature of the data centre system. Using single metrics is dangerous as improvement in one area can adversely affect a.. Read More

Complexity and The Human Element

Operational Intelligence was founded on the understanding that significant risk and energy reduction within the data center environment could only be achieved through an active engagement with operations teams across all disciplines. Risk and energy reduction may be the responsibility of an individual, but it can only be delivered if there is commitment from all stakeholders.

Integrated Systems Test (IST) & Missed Opportunities

Based on feedback from Operational Intelligence Ltd’s Optimisation Workshops, David Cameron offers some feedback on the missed opportunity for knowledge transfer at the completion of the construction phase of a project and how the traditional structure of project teams is limiting the transfer of essential knowledge to the operations team. He claims that the industry is aware of this problem but perceives very little is being done to improve the situation due to the.. Read More

Data Centre Air Segregation Efficiency

Data centres consumer large amounts of energy, most of all in IT equipment and cooling systems. They are also rapidly growing in size and numbers. Inefficient air segregation can cost facilities a lot of energy through wastage and increases risk of downtime. Previously, it has been difficult to quantify the efficiency of air separation. Thus, we introduce a metric is that helps data centre operators calculate total air segregation efficiency. The tool is.. Read More

Data Centre Energy Efficiency – How We Saved $1.7 Million

Data centres continue to grow in size, number and consumption; and as they do, approaches to their design have evolved. Low energy operation has become a design requirement, and the focus has shifted away from highly redundant mechanical and electrical infrastructure topologies to include both criteria. Many new data centre designs have a target PUE of 1.2 or below, whereas legacy facilities might achieve of PUE of 2.0 or above, and the industry.. Read More

Zero Refrigeration in the USA

In many USA climates 100% free cooling is possible. Significant operational and capital cost savings can be realised. With segregation of hot and cold air streams by hot aisle, cold aisle or exhaust containment systems, zero refrigeration is possible. As temperatures get hotter, the benefits of indirect cooling systems are greater. If you’re interested in where, why and how zero refrigeration in the USA is possible, click: link