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Meeting Climate Change Targets in the UK

Dr Beth Whitehead, Sustainability Engineer at OI, describes how facilities can work towards reducing their non-IT energy consumption by 30%. Four years ago, the process began to establish a climate change agreement (CCA) for data centres. The agreement, which enables continued sector growth, provides a reduction in CCL (climate change levy) taxes and exemption from the CRC (climate reduction commitment) in return for efficient energy consumption. Achievement of this milestone is recognition that.. Read More

Data Centres: The Human Element

Human and management errors are the root cause of most failures and energy wastage in data centres. Learning curves for organisations and operators have been developed for several industries, such as nuclear power, space travel, chemical, aeronautical, medical. Operator depth of experience can be improved through effective training, thereby decreasing failure rates, optimising energy performance and reducing staff turnover. The main issues are management complacency, inter-team communication, air management ownership and metrics, risk awareness,.. Read More

Compromising Commissioning

Reflecting on Experience There is always pressure at the end of a project to reduce commissioning time. However, the interdependency dimensions of any project are financial, time and quality. Each one of these dimensions affects the other dimensions. Compromise One If you shorten the programme time, then it will either cost more or the quality (of tests / commissioning) will be compromised. Compromise Two If you try to reduce the cost of it (cutting.. Read More